Things Men Are Supposed To Know About Boobs

Things Men Are Supposed To Know About Boobs


There is great news for men who love to see and touch young girls with boobs. Several researches have proved that during sex women want you to touch their boobs with the same intensity you are interested in touching. According to a report published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that more than 80% of women said that nipple and breast stimulation plays a significant role in enhancing sexual arousal.

You know that the biggest problem is nobody will tell you what to do with boobs even your partner will not say a word about it. She will only indicate by looking towards them and this means that she wants you to touch them.

Therefore, when you are with your partner and planning to make love, here are a few things to consider.

Do not take her bra in haste

In the present scenario, bras are costly and to find a bra that is capable of enhancing her beauty is a cumbersome job. A good bra will not only enhance her beauty, it will also make young girls with boobs feel sexy and confident. The more confident she is feeling, the better results you will get in bed. To get the right bra, which suits her is atime-consuming job, so do not overlook the bra of your partner. You need to appreciate them and explain that how her boobs are looking perfect. Make it imperative at your part to praise for a couple of seconds before you take it off.

Compliment them

When you have taken off her clothes, make her feel confident. Let her know that her boobs are looking beautiful when they are bouncing. Most of the women are conscious about the size so instead of calling huge or small, let her know that they are perfect and amazing.

Be gentle

When you are making love, you need to understand that being gentle will add flavor to your efforts. This will help you develop your own style of pleasing your partner. Journal of Sexual Medicine has mentioned that touching the nipples will activate the genital sensory cortex. This is the same part of a woman’s brain, whichis activated when you touch the clitoris.

Use your mouth

You can touch them, play with them; licking and sucking is hot, but remember not to hurt her. Make sure whatever you are doing is doing in accordance to her liking. If she is seeing her boobs during the act, then this is a clear sign.She wants you to touch her boobs. You need to understand the similar kinds of signs during the act.