The Rise and Fall of Marriage Institution

The Rise and Fall of Marriage Institution


The institute of marriage was designed as a social concept of protection for both parties involved, where a man and a woman were secured by specific social standards of society. This establishment has been around for centuries serving as a positive concept for parties involved. In today’s modern world that marriage as we have known it, is becoming either a non-existing or completely different. We should just look over the data pointing to number of divorces to admit the reality of failure of marriage institution. Number of divorces double and triple in all countries around the world where women and men have the same level of social rights.

What is standing behind life-long marriage? In order for this union to be successful, so many pieces of the puzzle have to come together: background, customs, religion, views on life, mutual respect, understanding of each other, intimacy compatibility, etc. etc. etc. Eve-though some aspects of married life could be changed and negotiated by both parties involved, connection and acceptance of main concepts of living together is a must. Without developing this acceptance and working on making it mutually satisfactory, marriage union will not survive.

Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen (1828 – 1906), who was often referred to as “the father of realism” and one of the most influential writers of his time, was probably one of the first writer of his era to realize this great truth about women and reality of marriage commitment. In his three-act play “A Doll’s House”, premiered at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1879, he is describing a situation that was initially criticized as a “lock of responsibilities”. In reality, Nora, who decided to leave her husband, is not tired of being a wife, but realized that she is living with a person who is a stranger to her. Despite eight years of marriage and having children, they are still strangers.

Is this a right way to live? Do you have to comply with the orders set by society? Or, is it just wrong and nun-human to stay with a stranger and be faithful to this stranger? Today, majority of women don’t need to stay with a man because a need of financial stability or social dependency. The main reason women stay married is their desire to keep a family and stable life for their children. Very often, they pay a price of sacrifice of their very personal needs and desires. is the Elite Discreet Married Dating site designed for married people looking for connection, passion, and a chance to bring spark back to their life.