Look for the perfect Online Chats Now

Look for the perfect Online Chats Now

Relax. Shoot is deep in the chest, enters a positive state, then online. Contrary to popular belief, the most important thing in video chat is not the physical appearance, but the personality. Members are interested in getting to know you, so don’t be afraid to reveal yourself to them. In thecamsites.com you need to understand the best there.

Have fun

Although your main goal is to earn as much money as possible to fulfill your dreams, don’t start a live show thinking about it. When you focus only on money, you lose a little of your personal charm, and that’s for real, we tested it myself. Those who go online are looking for you to enjoy a pleasant company and to have fun. So give free rein to your crazy side and enjoy the presence of the other. If you are not feeling well, most likely your conversation partner will not feel well either.

Set boundaries

You will definitely have members who will want to know you personally. Don’t fall into the trap. Don’t reveal your real name, invent a location, and if you want to be mysterious to the end, you can even wear a mask. You might be much more interesting that way.

Reinvent yourself

You have rooms with elegant, sophisticated decors, which will make you stand out, helping you to have as many “courtiers” as possible. But the key to success is with you. Make yourself a personal brand and seek to reinvent yourself as often as possible. Don’t bore your audience. Change rooms, change outfits, create great experiences for your members.


Thank your virtual fans for the compliments, have a conversation. Those who are looking for you want more than a sexy show or to admire you in all sorts of poses. They need to make a connection with you, to feel close enough to confess to you.

Be friendly and polite

It is also very possible to come across members with a less appropriate behavior or language. Do not answer with the same currency. Ask them to stop, and if they do not comply, do not enter into a direct conflict with them. It’s not worth it. You will waste time, nerves and money.

Answer everyone

Even if you already have a few members who regularly ask for your attention, don’t ignore the simple visitors. And they can turn into paying members if you give them the attention they deserve.

Meet your admirers

Remember the names of those who are looking for you frequently to enter a private chat with you. The more you give them the feeling that you know and recognize them, with their names, desires and preferences, the more motivated they will be to return to you. On the other hand, be benevolent and with newcomers, they can become regular members. The more such members you have, the more time you will spend on private chat and the more money you will earn.

Be available (even in appearance)

When asked if you have a boyfriend, answer in the negative, even if it is not. Give members a chance to dream of a possible relationship with you in real life, even if it never happens. Fantasy will keep them close to you and will bring you beautiful revenues.