How To Have Fun by Watching Adult Movies As A Couple

How To Have Fun by Watching Adult Movies As A Couple

There are many ways through which you can spice things up in the bedroom with your partner, and besides adult toys, new positions and role play, you can also watch some adult movies together. Not only that it will turn you both on, but you will learn a thing or two from them. However, if you’ve never done that with your girlfriend or wife before, it might seem odd to just start a video of your favorite adult actress or to share the best nude Snapchats you watch in your privacy with her. You need to know which adult movies are appropriate for a lady. You need to make this experience very pleasurable for her. Here are some adult movie categories that you can share with your girl.

Homemade Porn

Girls are, most of the time, into homemade action. They like to see real couples on screen who are making love for real and who have an emotional connection. Just like us, the ladies love watching adult movies in which the girls have real orgasms. And trust me when I say that a lady will always spot a fake orgasm. PornHub has one of the best collections of amateur content out there, and from the amateur section, you can start jumping over into other categories and see how she reacts.

Ménage à trois

You might not realize it, but girls have naughty fantasies too, and many of them are dreaming about threesomes. However, they dream about the other kind of threesome, in which she has the attention of two men on her. That’s why when you play an adult movie, you should surprise her with a threesome in which a girl is pleased by two guys. This will show her that your interest with watching porn as a couple is all about making her feel good.

Female Friendly Porn

There is such a thing as female-friendly content, and it’s becoming more and more popular. In this kind of movies, the focus is on the girl and on her pleasure, featuring handsome muscular guys who are always going down on the ladies. Take this as a rule of thumb. Make sure that all the adult content that you watch together with your girl is featuring girls who are enjoying themselves.


If your girlfriend is a huge anime fan, then you can easily introduce porn in the bedroom through hentai. She has probably watched it by now, anyway. A great collection of hentai that can be a great fit for couples can be found on EHentai. Or maybe she already has her favorite hentai sites, and she’ll show you some of her favorite movies.

Watching porn as a couple shouldn’t be as frowned upon, as it boosts your libido and imagination in the bedroom. And especially after a couple of years together, you should always look for new ways to enrich your sexual repertoire, as monotony and routine can easily settle in and ruin your intimate connection.  Be open-minded and enjoy yourself!