A Girl’s Alternative For Adult Movies

A Girl’s Alternative For Adult Movies

There’s a misconception that adult entertainment is only for men. But there is a lot of adult content on the internet that’s also suited for a lady. And it’s not as dirty as the one boys watch. In the past couple of years, there has been a shift in the adult industry to start making movies which are more appropriate for the ladies. It’s called female-friendly porn, and it’s a general trend. Even the sites that were known for how dirty their content is started focusing more on action that puts a focus on female pleasure. The men who are featured in these movies are more handsome, and they take care of the needs of the girl with whom they perform in front of the camera. But there are many other ways a girl can get aroused when she’s home alone. Here are the best alternatives to porn movies you can use in the intimate moments you spend with yourself.

Read Erotica

Erotica was always considered to be porn for girls. Most erotica that’s written out there is focused on a female public. The girls love to read about sex, but they also love to read about the connection between the people who are doing it in a good story or about the feelings that the characters are going through during the most suspenseful moments. The erotica industry is flourishing right now. Besides all the famous bestsellers, such as the 50 Shades series, sites like Amazon are offering huge libraries of erotica stories for any fantasy or preference you might have.

Fantasy Forums

If you feel like sharing your experiences and fantasies or reading about the fantasies of other people, there are plenty of forums online where men and women are sharing their naughty thoughts with strangers on the internet under the protection of anonymity. Sharing tour deepest fantasies and the experiences you’ve never told anyone can be exciting and liberating, and reading what other people shared can bring you to climax.

Erotic Games

There are plenty of sites where you can play adult sex games for free. Online sex games are a more interactive alternative to adult movies. And some of these games are coming with captivating stories and challenging gameplay. You will find all kinds of adult games, from simple puzzle games to MMO RPG titles where you will share an adult gaming experience with strangers from all around the world.

Use Your Imagination

The best alternative to porn is still your imagination. Just try to relax, play some Ambiental music, maybe even light up a nice smelling candle or draw yourself a bubble bath and let your inner fantasies carry you away. I’ve heard so many boys and girls who have lost the ability to have intimate moments with themselves by using their imagination. This should be a skill we all should have because it leads to healthy sex life. People who forget how to get aroused at their own thoughts will also lose the ability to get aroused when together with their partners because they got desensitized by all the pornography they consume.