8 Fun Things To Do in Sydney

8 Fun Things To Do in Sydney

From more than one hundred beaches to famous and magnificent landmarks, Sydney is most certainly a place to pinpoint on your travel map. Visiting Sydney for the first time can be overwhelming if you don’t have a clear plan on what to visit and where to go. To make the most of your journey to Sydney, we’ll suggest several fun things to do so you’ll know which places or activities are a must!

For an epic cup of fun, climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

We’ll start our list of fun things to do in Sydney with an epic adventure. It’s not for those with a faint heart or those who are afraid of heights. Nonetheless, if you want to beak out of your comfort zone and do something as unique as climbing a bridge, Sydney is the place for such an adventure. Get ready for a 3.5 hour-long tour of climbing to the top or crossing the entire length from the south end to the north. Make sure to look into different climbing tours and pick one you’ll enjoy best.

Explore free guided tours to get familiar with Sydney

Believe it or not, there are free guided tours to get to know Sydney. You’ll learn a lot about the city’s history and meet a bunch of cool people along the way. Make sure to dress for the occasion and wear comfy shoes because these tours last for a few hours. These tours are free of charge but you can tip the tour guide at the end to show your appreciation. If you’re interested in such an option, look for Free Tours Sydney online.

Visit The Royal Botanic Gardens

No matter how many you’ve been to, every botanic garden is a story of its own. Being surrounded by lush greenery will ease your mind and spark your imagination. Visiting The Royal Botanic Gardens will give you a magnificent boost of endorphins and you’ll be intoxicated with beautiful flowers, exotic smells and stunning greenery.

Taste the richness of Sydney nightlife

It would be a shame if you haven’t planned at least one night out while staying in Sydney. Just like any other major city out there, Sydney is famous for its nightlife. You can join a bar-hopping tour on Northern beaches, stop by one of many Sydney brothels or dance the night away at bars on Manly beach. For those who prefer a club-like setting, you can also visit one of many rooftop bars and observe beautiful Sydney nighttime scenery with a lovely cocktail in hand.

Ghost tours for those with a vivid imagination

If you devour mystery novels or stories of haunted houses and castles, you can hear a similar story in real-time. Sydney is famous for its ghost tours and you can take part in 10 different ghost tours. From visiting historic places along Cammeray Square known for their ghost stories to exploring Sydney’s Cockatoo Island haunted sites, there’s an interesting ghost story for everyone. You can even join a ghost tour in the Royal Botanic Gardens, known as the Gates Ghost Tours.

Don’t miss out on the beauty of the Sydney Opera House

You can walk up to it and enjoy the Sydney Opera House magnificence. You can view it by day or by night, but make sure to leave time for this famous landmark. You can explore the inside of the Sydney Opera House by joining a tour or you can be one of many patrons who enjoy listening to concerts, plays or shows at the Opera House.

Visit art galleries

If you’d like to learn more about the art scene in Sydney, both modern and contemporary and indigenous, stop by two popular locations. Both The Art Gallery of New South Wales and Museum of Contemporary Art Australia are open for visitors and you’ll enjoy the exhibits. Make sure to dedicate enough time to visit both, and marvel at the pieces of art and learn something new about the Australian culture.

Conquer Sydney’s bike trails

If you’d rather take part in an activity like biking, Sydney has a lot to offer. You can explore the bike trail in Centennial Parklands and have a picnic along the way. Or, if you’re a more experienced biker, try a Lady Carrington Drive which is popular among those who prefer an off-road trail. Pedalling your way through Sydney’s bike trails can be just what you need for a journey to be perfect.

So, if your next adventure is set in Sydney, make sure to explore our ideas and have fun. You’ll probably get a few ideas of your own once you go through one or two of our suggestions. Either way, for a trip to be successful, you should make a list of things you want to do.