Learn About These Sex Advice for Women

Learn About These Sex Advice for Women

Any woman should be able to make her own decisions about her body and sex life without fear, guilt, or shame. However, reality shows that many women still have a peculiar, confused, and even rejecting relationship with their own bodies. Female sexuality still has a long way to go.

Goal is providing you with these ten ideas is to equip you with the fundamental keys to getting the most out of your sexuality, beginning with the all-important relationship between sexual health and psychological and emotional well-being. Click here and read this https://www.jennasty.com/ for the better understanding.

1. Choose your sources with care: only professionals should be consulted

Whether you were fortunate enough to obtain proper sexual education or not, whenever you have doubts or require information about any part of your sexuality, do not hesitate to visit only Clinical Sexology specialists. Although it may appear obvious, this is critical because it concerns your health.

You live in an era of excess information, which logically leads to low quality or a lack of scientific rigour. So, let us be reasonable and practical. Today, you must be very selective when selecting the sources of information that will determine your sexual health.

2. Develop your own sexual model rather than attempting to impose it on others

Have you ever pondered which model of sexuality you live or identify with? Your sexuality model incorporates everything linked to your sexual experience: concepts or views, sexual education and knowledge acquired, types of favoured sexual practises and relationships, sexual priorities and values, means of expression, and so on.

In Sexology, this term usually refers to four basic concepts that developed at different points in history and currently “coexist.”

Female sexuality can be felt by any of them:

  • Prohibitive / phallocratic model: based on taboo, in a primarily reproductive standpoint – genitality- and on heterosexual vaginal penetration as the only “legitimate” sexual practise. Clinical evidence indicates that it has an effect on the majority of male and female sexual difficulties.
  • Preventive model: emphasises the significance of avoiding sexually transmitted illnesses when having sex. However, the message it sends is that vaginal intercourse is still the most common sexual practise, and that you must protect yourself to avoid catching STDs.
  • Permissive model: it was a significant advancement in terms of sexual and reproductive rights, as well as the global vision of sexuality (acceptance of diversity, transition from prohibition to “anything goes”), though sexuality is still centred on gentility and the delicate concept of normality: it is normal for a “complete sexual relationship” to include vaginal intercourse, though there may be other types of sexual play around it, such as preliminaries (considential).

Train your mind intelligently and eroticize it

Make it a habit to think positively and constructively. Yes, you are sick of reading this, but no one teaches you how to do it well, right? This is, after all, what key 1 refers to. You’re getting a lot of information about “healthy thinking and lifestyles,” but ask yourself: is reading this truly helping you modify your thinking style? Are you able to commit to developing this habit that you know you need in an effective and measurable way? You can read everything, but only the procedures used by psychological specialists educated as therapists have demonstrated efficacy.