Why sex is so important in a serious relationship?

Why sex is so important in a serious relationship?

Every adult knows that sex is a very important aspect of a person’s life in a serious relationship, after all, most people profess the love to each other in this way. But what role does sex really play in a serious relationship? Why is it so important?

Experts have divided opinions on this subject

 Some sex experts believe that a relationship between two people without sex is gradually dying out, while others believe that when desire ends, the relationship evolves and matures into true love, in which it is not only sex that matters, but also care, care and commitment. However, any perfectly functioning relationship must be based on a solid foundation, which is not only love, loyalty and friendship, but also sex and passion. Frequent sexual contact with your partner brings couples together very strongly and makes people really attached to each other.

Relationships partly based on sex are stronger

A relationship in which partners meet their sexual needs will always be strong and lasting, and people in this relationship will not seek outside of it the fulfillment of their desires because they will get everything they expect in their own bedroom. Couples who regularly and willingly undertake sexual intercourse feel much more attractive in the eyes of their beloved than those who do not undertake this activity. Sex brings the partners together very close, not only physically but also mentally. Thanks to it, their love takes on an exceptional character. It becomes strong, mature and ready to survive even those difficult and turbulent days that happen to everyone. So in a nutshell – sex helps a lot in a healthy, serious relationship.

Without sex, there would be no children

Obviously sexual intercourse is ,,designed” to create offspring, but in modern days not really a lot of couples want children. But when they do, most of the time it is based on love, so the kids just make the bond stronger. Naturally they’re some couples that think that having a baby will ,,glue together” their broken or just dysfunctional relationship, but most of the times that just makes things worse and more complicated.

Sex is important

According to psychologists, couples for whom sexuality is very important aspect of the relationship are often based on a much stronger bond than those in whom sex is not important. Physical closeness, daily touch and contact with the body of the person you love increases not only self-confidence, but also self-esteem and acceptance from the partner.

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