What is the Difference Between a Sensual and Erotic Gay Male Massage?

What is the Difference Between a Sensual and Erotic Gay Male Massage?

In case, a gay male massage is on your mind, you should decide which type of it you wish the most, as there are lots of variations: an erotic massage, a tantric massage, a sensual massage, a prostate massage, finally a lingam massage. But the first question to think of, whether it is a difference between an erotic gay male massage and sensual gay male massage. Maybe, only masters of massage in Paris know the answer…But let’s try to find it out anyway.  

Erotic or Sensual  Gay Male Massage?

It may seem weird, but in most cases all massages are actually erotic, and the notion differs from one masseur to another. As often as not, the experienced ones give only several, cloudy enough, criteria to discriminate between the two techniques. Thus, erotic massage presupposes full nudity of the masseur and the recipient. It is aimed at finding and stimulating all the erogenous zones of the recipient and, yes, it runs until the happy ending. But in fact, there are no strict rules. 

Then a sensual gay male massage can be seen as a  subtle ceremony of discovering your special erotic spots (first of all, it may be you who discover them!) in order to waken your eroticism and improve your sensual life in general. The whole event may be a real enlightenment for you. It often runs without saying a word and only a language of pleasure is spoken between two men. No full nudity is needed and no orgasm is obligatory. 

But don’t be too fast to believe that an erotic massage is something tough and primitive. And don’t think that a sensual massage doesn’t imply erotic! When your body is in the strong arms of a really masterful masseur, you would scarcely tell apart one technique from the other. Finally, why not try both of them and achieve the highest level of satisfaction? A really skillful masseur knows how to do that in the most natural way. 

What is It Going to Be?   

To pass from routine life with its jobs, problems and pressures into a world of erotic sensations, you should go through a kind of ritual which includes several important steps. 

  1. Atmosphere. Whether it is an erotic or a sensual gay male massage session, it cannot be carried out just in a higgledy piggledy way. The place should be thoroughly prepared for the ritual to make the two men feel secure and ready for interaction. To feel good physically and mentally, you should avoid noisy places with too harsh lighting.
  2. Warming up. When the shelter is ready, your masseur will warm up your tired body and make you feel relaxed. But not only that. He will endeavour to recreate the atmosphere of understanding and trust. He will be definitely ready to share his energy with you and react to every emotion of yours. 
  3. Exploring your body. Then, his skillful arms will help you understand your body and find your secret erogenous spots. You may feel amazed, but the whole thing will give you a miraculous pleasure. To make the contact more intriguing, your masseur would use special massage candles with pleasant odours and gay massage oils. To arouse your interest and tease you, he would propose using sex toys. Just don’t be afraid to play! 
  4. Orgasm or not. A really experienced masseur will make your massage session unforgettable even without orgasm. Massage is something about pleasure; and there are so many exciting techniques to afford it! So, it’s up to you to decide what is your best massage procedure for tonight. 

In conclusion, one more remark. If you wish your gay massage be truly great and unforgettable, it is possible that you really go to Paris and find your super-unique masseur in one of Parisian massage agencies, say, in SweetTouch, as Paris is a city of love!