How To Help him last longer in bed

How To Help him last longer in bed

You have not even started and your partner has reached an end. Well, this is not a secret that men have an easier time reaching orgasm than women.  And you just struggle to feel the pleasure, that leads to a  fact that men dealing with premature ejaculation are quite common. That means you are frequently unsatisfied ones he has ejaculated. Well,  this can be a big let down in front of your partner or any Escort Frankfurt to realize that the fun is over before it has hardly started for you.

Well, you could let him finish the job with the alternative means and the solution is to make him last longer in bed.  So without a wait here are few methods to try and make him last longer in bed.

Slow and steady wins the race

To let your partner last longer, you need not rush things, taking it slow can work wonders for you.  Many men magazines also suggest men, to aim for the thrust for every few seconds.  That means after every few moments when he feels like he is going to cum, he must take a pause, until he can control himself and give a start afresh. This will give Escort Munchen time to get into the mood and end up with a tempting mood.

Do it again and again

No one can deny that foreplay has a major role in your sex life and a few round of robust foreplay before sex. And this is helpful not only for an orgasm but also gives you time to charge yourself and cum again.

For certain men, it takes time for them to get recharged, so you have got flexible time to get satisfied.

Pelvic floor exercises are effective


Some excuses are really effective and help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve the chance for orgasm. Well, it turns out the same exercises are effective to treat premature ejaculation in men. Try making them do the exercise for regular benefits.

Use a condom

It is observed that men don’t like wearing a condom and the reason is obvious things feel different. Well, definitely sex feels different from a condom but helps to last longer in bed. And this can be an advantage for you not only for safety but also for a good time in bed. The sensation on the penis will be less than without the condom and hence the sex will go slow and which makes them ejaculate late.

Switch the position

Changing the position is not only for pleasure but also helps men to last longer in bed. It is known that a girl on top is a quiet and accessible position for a girl to have an orgasm.

Keep going

Well, if the man had an orgasm doesn’t mean that you have to stop, you can take a lead and the sex is still on if the after play keeps going. Well, if the things are steamier and sexy enough, he will get another erection and will last longer.

Here are the tips to help him last longer in bed and make your night erogenous. Have great sex!