Webcams provide a lifeline for women who lost their jobs during the pandemic

Webcams provide a lifeline for women who lost their jobs during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has left many people unemployed due to government-imposed lockdown measures and the resulting economic crisis, For women, in particular, they have now turned towards webcams as a much-need lifeline to sustain themselves during this period, while sex workers have switched to a digital platform to remain safe and properly isolated.

Some of these women were already sex workers with an endless list of regular customers or sugar daddies. Others had regular day jobs either mixing drinks at a bar, working at the front desk of a bank or even as a journalist at a media outlet. But with the outbreak of COVID-19, lots of businesses had to undergo major downsizing leaving most of these women out of jobs and struggling to meet up with the myriad of bills that kept piling up.

Ranked the 36th most visited site in the world, according to Alexa ranking, BongaCams is a leading webcam modelling platform with an easy-to-use interface for anyone who wants to venture into it. The pandemic changed the way people interact with each other and experience intimacy, creating an opportunity for webcam models to earn more money—with more people spending an extended period of time online due to boredom.

During an investigation to determine just how profitable webcam modelling can be, a female journalist created a profile for herself on BongaCams and in just a few days of working on the platform, she earned nearly $2,000. Considering she only worked on the platform for just a few hours everyday, her results were astonishing.

What’s even more impressive is that the journalist was able to earn that amount of money by simply creating an exclusive broadcast where she wore a simple swimwear and engaged her audience in random conversations about popular topics without going nude or having erotic conversations.

She is just one of many other models on BongaCams who have found it to be a lucrative alternative source of income during the pandemic. A couple and another lady, both of whom have been actively working as webcam models on BongaCams, while speaking to the journalist, admitted that the site is the perfect opportunity to make a decent amount of money without exposing themselves to the risks of COVID-19 and learning ‘extraordinary’ skills.