The rules for a perfect date with a an escort

The rules for a perfect date with a an escort

Most customers probably remember their first meeting with an escort. First-time bookers often ask about the exact process of date and want to know what to consider. Therefore follows a small lexicon for beginners.

The control call

After the booking request was made and there was a confirmation for the desired date, there is another hurdle to take – the control call. Is this really necessary? If it is not possible without the annoying phone call, we are often asked. Unfortunately, no, as there are some gentlemen who enjoy booking a lady without even showing up for the date. funny, isn’t it? Of course, sometimes the competition is in play.

And in order to prevent such fun bookings, the booker is called in the hotel room before each date. So you have the assurance that the customer has actually moved into the room in the mentioned hotel, and exists. Each independent or agency handles this precaution differently.

In order to avoid being asked for the correct name (in order to be routed from the reception to the room during the formal control call), the customer can call directly from the landline from the hotel room or he simply communicates his direct telephone extension. This is easiest. For example, agency Diva Escorts from London does this. Reputable agencies generally try to minimize the use of personal data.

The first name is usually sufficient and if a mobile number is requested, then only for organizational reasons. No customer will be called without explicit permission. However, it sometimes helps to be reachable by phone, e.g. if an escort lady has difficulty finding her date.

The second act…or the preparation

I hope not to mention that personal care is important. Even if you are booking for the first time and your nerves are playing crazy, please do not overdo it with the alcohol. One glass, nothing more. Do not forget, even the escort lady is tense, as she does not know what to expect.

Punctuality is a second important issue. Or do you like to wait a long time for your company? So do not be late so that the meeting can start in the best mood. In case of delays, please contact the lady or agency.

As a meeting point, we would like to suggest a bar or restaurant, so that getting to know each other can be relaxed.

Enjoy your date, or the main act starts

date with a an escort

The fee is best deposited discreetly in the room. For example, simply place the envelope on the bedside table. Should the lady count the money, please do not take it personally. There are also less honest books, unfortunately. We do not recommend handing over money in the bar or restaurant for reasons of discretion.

The lady may even briefly visit the bathroom to freshen up. Behave in bed the same way as with a “normal” girlfriend. Treat your companion respectfully and politely. Do not set any ambitious goals and pay attention to the body language of the lady. If you are excited or tense, the lady can start with a small Massage.

Please refrain from asking too personal questions, especially requests for contact details of the lady who undesirable. Finally, discretion and privacy are of great importance to both parties. Especially if the lady was booked through an agency. If you have been satisfied with the service, the lady is not averse to a tip!