Modern Bra Wear – What Every Woman Should Know

Bra for the Sexy, Smart and Healthy You

Breast enhancement with Gel bras is the latest flexible concept. The bra has been a major improvement over a real push-up bra and takes cleavage improvement to another level.

So what is Gel Bra?

Gel bra also comes with the words Water bra or Silicon Bra, Gel Insert Bra to name a few. Let’s step back for a second, looking at the standard bra that pushes it up. We all know how to push up a bra and how it pushes the breasts, zoom in and padded inserts add fullness to the breast look. The effect of a push-up bra is that your cleavage looks fuller and enlarged; the magnitude of the magnification depends on the size of the composite part of the board. The push-up bra is very beautiful and in the world of breast enhancement is popular but it has great drawbacks, the final look stays very strong and looks unusual.


That’s where the water bra comes in; it works in the same way as a push-up bra, but with one exception, padded inserts are not made from cotton but gel, water, or silicon, full-length inserts.

You Need in Your Wardrobe 

  • The result of this change is that the gel bra while giving good results like the original push-up bra, enlarged look, full breasts but instead of making your cleavage look firmer and firmer, gel application allows the breasts to move and look more natural. Almost all  women prefer this look and this has made the bra a huge success over the last few years.
  • Water bodice also has another nice feature in its sleeve, most bras have a removable insert, so you can move the insert, allowing you to adjust the final shape of your breasts or insert different sizes so you can have more control. 
  • Push up bra – Lifting and pushing the breasts together so that the breasts grow and develop.
  • Tightened option – As above, this bra will push the breasts up and fold them together but comes with extra cotton pads per cup, which gives you an expanding  look of split ends.
  • Water option – (also known as silicon bra or gel bra) as an attached option, these brushes will push the breasts up and reassemble but come with fluid (water gel or silicone liquid) in each area. of cups, which gives a glowing appearance to the cleavage.