How to tell if a chinese lady likes you

How to tell if a chinese lady likes you

About Chinese Girls

Well, many of you want to court a Chinese woman which is not an easy task. If you ever have visited China then you will get to know that Chinese girls are strong and bold enough and don’t show their emotions much to you. You need to stay calm and cool if you want to date a Chinese woman. Chinese women are independent, optimistic and logical but at the same time, they are also traditional and dedicated.

Dating is an emotional attachment to them and they seem to be very serious in this matter. They don’t date for time pass, rather they consider dating to be a way to marriage. The parent too involved in a Chinese girl’s love life is pretty high. They also approve the person she is dating as they expect it to lead to marriage. The parents are very choosy in this matter.

Nowadays there are many Chinese dating apps from where people get a chance to meet with their loved ones.

Well, here are some basic tricks by which you can realize whether a Chinese girl has fallen for you or not.

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What are the things that you have to keep in mind if you want to woo a Chinese girl?

  • Parents- According to Chinese or Asian traditions, parents are everything to a Chinese girl. A Chinese girl will only allow you to date only if her family approves for the relation. If she is telling you to meet her parents, then she is very much committed to you and wants to continue the relationship to marriage. The expectations of every parent are not so high because they only want their daughter to live happily and to prosper in their life.
  • Special Days: If a Chinese girl remembers every special date of your life, like your birthday, your every detail then obviously she is developing some passion in you. Don’t miss the chance and say whatever you are feeling for her.
  • Dating tips: You can ask for a date to a Chinese girl if she says yes, you can understand that she is also developing interest in you. Now the main thing is how you will plan a date? You have to make her feel special on that day. You can gift her something like cards, chocolates etc but don’t try to impress her by gifting expensive gifts, she might not like that. You can praise her.
  • Food Habit: Chinese women like to eat salty and spicy foods. So if you want to impress her, then you can cook the cuisine of her desire, obviously, she will fall for you. Moreover, you will get to know many delicious recipes from her.

Conclusion: Chinese women are amicable and honest. But they are a little bit sensitive and emotional so you will know if she likes you sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, you can do your best to show how much you care and like her without hurting her.

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