Audience Etiquette for Topless Waitresses and Strip Shows

Audience Etiquette for Topless Waitresses and Strip Shows

Whether you have a big buck’s party in the works or are planning on a big celebration to mark a special occasion, throwing a stripper into the mix is always a good idea. Although guys love the idea of a stripper, it’s unfortunate that many don’t know how to act around them, which is key to not only ensuring everyone else has a good time, but making sure that the stripper doesn’t regret taking the job – this is them at work after all, and hassling people at work is never acceptable. In this article, we take a good look at audience etiquette in strip shows to guarantee that everyone has the best time possible!

Tips to get you on your best behaviour

Being a topless waitress in Sydney is not easy at the best of times – being on your feet for extended periods of time and constantly tending to people’s needs can be very tiring, so throwing in a bunch of disrespectful customers into the mix can make things even more difficult. First, there’s the common courtesy that you should take into consideration – first, ensure that your phone has been put away as audience members playing with their phone can be quite a big distraction, particularly when someone is trying their best to entertain you. Just like you would at the cinema, turn your phone to silent and sit down and pay attention during a show, and also make sure to give waitresses your full attention while they’re talking to you. Another reason your phone should be safely tucked away is to ensure that people aren’t tempted to take photos or videos either during performances or while you’re being served. Their service is specifically intended for those in the room, and no one else, so it’s your job to help keep it that way.

Stay polite at all times

Showing appreciation is very welcomed by topless waitresses and strippers, as a little common courtesy can go a long way. To ensure you get in their good books and don’t offend them in any way, don’t target your waitress with vulgar, offensive language over the course of the night. Although it might feel appropriate to you in the heat of the moment, rest assured that it is not appreciated in the slightest. To this effect, demonstrating your appreciation can make your topless waitress feel great about herself, especially if you give them compliments that aren’t just related to you objectifying them. Tips also go a long way to helping demonstrate that a stripper or topless waitress is doing a good job, and your gesture might also encourage others to do the same! But if you’re gesture of appreciation involves kissing or touching, you can forget about it – this is just about the most impolite and discourteous thing you can do, even if you do think that a waitress was being particularly suggestive.

Staying on your best behaviour is ideal for everyone

It’s important that topless waitresses and strippers are talented professionals who spend quite a bit of time preparing for every show. With this in mind, exercising a little bit of courtesy can go a long way to helping them – and all of the other guests – enjoy the show a lot more. Plus, with these things being so simple to do, there’s no reason not to be courteous where possible!