The Benefits of Tantra: Transform and Heal with Tantric Practices

The Benefits of Tantra: Transform and Heal with Tantric Practices

No one ever talks to us about sex. No one tells us what is possible. Tantra is here to help us understand what is possible.

The Amazing Benefits of Tantra:

We can experience so much more than we ever imagined possible. You can have infinite amounts of pleasure, deep connection, amazing levels of pleasure in your body. You experience so much pleasure, that it’s just almost as if you transcend. You have an out of body experience.

And time can actually stand still, even though you may be having intimacy with a partner for hours on end. It just seems timeless.

And you just feel so much connection. You feel like you’re having sex with that person’s soul. Then you’re dropping your fears and you’re not afraid to be vulnerable and you’re able to fully see that person and that person to fully see you, just have that soul connection. It’s so beautiful.

But how we experience sex in our society, we often look at porn to figure those things out. And when we do that, we’re experiencing sex from our ego, not from an elevated consciousness. And so sex becomes something that is a performance, with a goal oriented mindset.

We get caught up in positions and our egos get really involved. And then we can even see sex as something to have a conquest or have power over another person. Tantra allows you to take that power back for yourself and to empower you to tap into it all the amazingness that is within you to discover more about yourself and the world around you.

It allows you to drop any shame that you have and helps you to heal from traumas that you may have had from past relationships, either with lovers or with family members. It’s such a powerful tool. So Tantra also uses our sexual energy because our sexual energy is our most creative energy.

It is our life force energy. We were created from sex. So we’re able to tap in and use that energy and focus it in on what we want to create in our life. And then we’re also able to use Pink Tantra, which goes into self-love. So when we’re able to love ourselves more fully than we approach relationships and other people from a place of fulfillment and not from a place of scarcity.

And that helps us to have the tools to have better, healthier relationships and not to approach people from, you know, from those emotions and jealousy and scarcity and with our ego and ego is a good thing. Our ego does serve us just like our sexual energy serves us.

And it’s a very beautiful thing. It’s just finding that balance. Having a balance like the yin and the yang.

The Benefits I Experienced with Tantra, and how it transformed my life:

Now, when I had my first experience with Tantra, I realized that pleasure is medicine. And it was very healing for me. And I had been a registered nurse for many years. And I realized that I had always been so fascinated with everything, cardiac and open heart surgery.

I realized that Tantra was the tool to truly open hearts. Tantra was a tool that truly helped heal a lot of the wounds that I have had and helped me drop fears and not live a life from a place of fear, but live a life more fully from a place of love.

And when I saw the transformation that I had from having that experience, I realized that I needed to teach more people this so that they could have these tools and they could live more fulfilled lives filled with more passion, what their heart desires had better connect to and better relationships, and not just your romantic relationships.

This helped my relationships with my friends, my family members, my coworkers. All these relationships were transformed when I changed myself.

Tantra is a very transformational tool.

So when I changed my inner world and I changed my relationship with myself, that impacted my outer world and all the other relationships around me.

Yes, there’s things with Tantra where we do teach things about sex and I coach my clients, on things with sex. But I also talk about meditation. He can be fully present with yourself and have connection and presence with another person.

What is Tantra about?

It’s about self-love, healing old wounds and traumas, opening up your chakras (which are energy centers in your body). Not being afraid to speak your truth, understanding healthy boundaries. It just opens up and expands your universe. So where you’re not just here, like within your home, within your house, within the material world, you’re able to connect with the whole world around you in such a beautiful way.

If you feel like you’re ready to explore Tantra and see how this can impact you, I invite you to book a free 30 minute discovery call with me. And so we can find out where you are on your journey and what you want to explore. I can share with you the coaching programs that I have and find out which one would be the best for you.

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