If You Are in the Friends Only Zone – Get Out

If You Are in the Friends Only Zone – Get Out

So, you made one of the big 3 toxic mistakes and have ended up in the “friend zone”? Here are some tips that can help you discover the typical “friend zone signs” and will also show you how to get out of the dreadful friend zone fast.

Friend zone

Please don’t get trapped in the friend zone, this is the situation where you and the girl clicked at first but somehow you got put into the “friend’s zone”. This is really sad especially when there was some spark between the two of you.


This expression of a “friend zone” is somewhat misleading. Being in this zone by a woman most likely means that you are not really considered her friend. This expression is commonly used for someone who has an attraction to another person but they do not feel the same way about you.

Not into you

While men are good at placing women in this zone, females are more known for telling men they do not feel attracted to them and that friendship is really all they see happening. It points out that she could care less if you are her friend” or not. She is quite simply doing this with this hope you will realize that she does not find you attractive at all.

Nothing zone

She has actually placed you in her “nothing zone”, which is a place that is dark and bleak. There is absolutely nothing in this zone:

  • No friendship
  • No attraction
  • Nothing there at all

There are some guys who take on this role while secretly thinking that eventually there can be a more meaningful relationship down the road some time.

Not going to happen

This is basically a false friendship that is just in nothing zone. You want her in bed with you and that is really the very last thing on her mind. The biggest tip if you have ended up in the zone – get out of it and do not look back.