Does internet pornography help or harm intimate relationships?

Does internet pornography help or harm intimate relationships?

Pornography is spiraling in popularity – but are you really aware of the consequences it could have on your intimate relationships? Inquisitive husbands watching sexual fantasy videos online have often been the cause of many painful divorces and family breakdowns. But research has also found that pornography increases sexual awareness and makes people more open-minded to try different things in the bedroom.

A professor of sex education says it’s all a matter of perspective. In an interview the scientist reveals how XXXBios Internet pornography affects romantic life.

Nine out of 10 children in the US are exposed to pornography before the age of 18, and men are 543 percent more likely to be online watching sex videos than women.

The world of Internet pornography is a ubiquitous and wide-ranging technology, growing at an impressive rate. It’s a $ 13 billion a year industry in the US.

By 2017, more than a quarter of a billion people will use mobile porn sites around the world. With such a large XXXBios audience, it is not possible to make generalizations about whether Internet porn is good or bad.

Clearly, it is a matter of perspective. Comments have linked pornography consumption with positive effects, such as increased sexual awareness and more liberal sexual attitudes.

But how does it affect our intimate relationships?

The links between pornography use and problems in intimate relationships (although the data generally refer to heterosexual and monogamous relationships) are well established.

However, this does not automatically imply that Internet pornography causes difficulties in intimate relationships. It can be the other way around, that is, the consumption of pornography can be caused by all those problems in affective or marital relationships.

But if consumption dampens romantic intimacy, then it will be important to understand how.

That is, an artificial exaggeration of the environmental factors from which you have naturally evolved to arouse yourselves sexually. Studies have also documented a deep-seated breakdown in trust and attachment; romantic partners often feel that porn consumption is a deceptive form of betrayal and infidelity.