Cris Urena

Guess it’s safe to say now that it’s time to panic if you haven’t thought of a nice gift or date idea for your girl this coming Valentine’s Day. While people may claim that V-Day has been commercialized to death, it’s no excuse for your beau. You can’t escape the scorning of a woman who […]

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Fines Pena

Somebody who knows how to greet us all a Merry Christmas in the sexiest way imaginable is Fines Pena. She’s a regular in the Philippine car show scene but she’s gone international now, having moved to sunny California. Wherever she is though, Fines takes that hardworking attitude with her. This makes her a popular choice […]

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Let’s face it – all men would love a chance to go on a date with a porn star. There are no two ways about it, unless of course you’re a member of the clergy, the media or an active politician. Alright, some dudes from those corners of society does it but I digress. For […]

Heart Evangelista

Filipinos would be quick to point out that Heart Evangelista would be the last babe they’d expect to see posing in bikini for a calendar. But she sure proved everybody wrong when she revealed that she has what it takes to be a calendar babe. A popular brand of liquor commissioned the shoot and the […]

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Priyanka Chopra

In today’s digital age, to check on who’s the most photographed woman in the world is totally impractical. Anybody can upload any number of photos in their Facebook account and lay claim to the ‘most photographed’ title. But somebody who can actually say that and hold meaning to the words is Priyanka Chopra. The Bollywood […]

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Jodie Gasson

Should you be lucky enough to go with Jodie Gasson on a first date, where would you take her? Would you go the traditional dinner-date or something much more unconventional? Remember though that women like spontaneity and your moves should be up to par with this glamour model. While you ponder on your decisions, should […]

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Robyn Lawley

Hot comes in all shapes, colors and forms. In the case of Robyn Lawley, hotness is simply bountiful. As they say, there’s just more to love of her. Her interview in ‘Ellen’ has gone viral and she talked about the many snide comments she received in her career as a model. Of course, there are […]

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Veronica Olenko

In today’s mostly fake world, it’s refreshing to know that there are still all-natural beauties out there. Case in point is Veronica Olenko, a Russian-born fashion model that’s now taking over the Canadian modeling scene. The fantastic combination of those innocent eyes and tempting figure makes Veronica a true force to be reckoned with. But […]

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Ahlex Moreno

Before anything else, we’d be politely asking you to keep the oohs and the aahhs to a minimum, as we marvel upon Ahlex Moreno. What started out as hours upon hours of posing in front of a crowd of photographers during car shows in the Philippines turned out to be the jump-off point to this […]

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Celebs and Gambling

Online casino and sports book sites have led to a huge increase in the popularity of gambling, and it’s possible that the high profile Hollywood movie stars who like to bet has also had something to do with this. George Clooney: You don’t get much more high profile than Clooney, who is right at the […]